October 1, 2017

Always on the move

In his music, Kurt is always going in new directions and exploring new sonic territory. His recent work (although this has been released for some time now) has lead the path quiet far from the world of jazz standards with a trio lineup and jaw dropping guitarsolos. With this new direction, comes also an emphasis on vocals and what some call less "geeky guitar playing".
What do you think of this new direction?


  1. Glad to see you're still active. I used to lurk around this site a lot, before it got more quite the past 2 years.
    As for Kurts new music, I don't like it at all. Don't like the new album, don't like the synth heavy guitarsound he's been using now for the past couple of years. I really wish he'd go back to his dark, reverb heavy sound he had most of his career. I'm still listeing to him a lot, but only his old stuff: Intuit, Deep song, Next Step, Standards Trio, all the live bootlegs etc...

    Would be cool to see some new content on this site, maybe some transcription or solo analysis.


  2. I'm also glad to see some new content! I'm also not thrilled about the new direction as I am a devoted "guitar geek", but I have to respect his choices as being right for him, and that has to be first and foremost.

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