October 11, 2013

These Foolish Things - transcription

I've transcribed almost 2.30 minutes of Kurt Rosenwinkel spreading his magic over this beautiful old tune. The recording is from a clinic at NGW in August 2006.

I haven't written any chord names, because I couldn't decide what to write. The changes are a bit different than the ones in the realbook. So I had a few options here (let me know what you think in the comments below); I could have written the original changes from the realbook, or the chords that Kurt implies OR the chords that he's actually playing (which might be a substitution).

In a forum post from 2012 Kurt Rosenwinkel himself comments on his use of passing chords.

Arewolfe: In regards to passing chords, I transcribed some of “These Foolish Things” from that clinic. It seemed like approaching a chord from a half step above, the passing chord was usually a dominant. And approaching from a half step below the passing chord was a diminished chord. Is that the idea? 
Kurtisrosenwinkel: yes, thats the idea. check out using a dominant b5 chord from a half step below- its an expression of V7 whole tone, with nice deceptive root motion.

I'm posting this although it still isn't complete.Therefore I've included the 'Finale' file if anyone would want to continue the transcription or just simply correct mistakes.

- Download transcription as .PDF

- Download as .MP3

- Finale file as .MUS


  1. Would you make a mirror of the MP3 please? It says too many people have downloaded already.

  2. Mads!!! I'm hyperventilating!!!!! OMG this is wonderful!

  3. I would go with the chords he is actually using as the Realbook ones are just a guide and the only learning comes from seeing how the Masters change what we can refer to as the "guides".

  4. Man this is so great, thanks a lot Mads!!!

  5. Here is a new one!!!