September 8, 2013

I'm Not Dead!

Not much have been happening lately on this site, but I can assure you that I'm not dead and I'm still wondering HOW DOES HE DO IT?.
Paolo Bacchetta has send me a transcription of "East coast love affair" from the album of the same title. It is of course to be found on the transcription page. If anyone would like to help bring the 'gear' page up-to-date, please send me an email.

I'm considering leaving Blogger and hosting the site myself. This would give me much more freedom with the site layout.
I'm a Wordpress fan and could also see some possibilities where users could register and submit transcriptions or perhaps even articles, on their own - just ideas :D

Some people have also been having issues with downloading PDF files from my Google drive (where most transcriptions are hosted now) and this would also fix that issue.
I REALLY want to rewrite the transcription page with a beautiful, slick and userfriendly UI, but it's a HUGE task!!!

In a Q&A session last year Kurt again mentioned his metode book and I believe that once Kurt's book has been published, this site will become much less relevant.
All this is worth taking into account before rewriting the site and hosting it on my own domain.

Just to leave you with a small appetizer, I can reveal that a stride transcription of the beautiful standard "These foolish things" is coming very soon.


  1. Your site is STILL relevant and much appreciated.

  2. I found 2 new ones here:

  3. I found a version of Zhivago solo on this fellow's site:

  4. The site is fantastic as is, don't let it become your "enemy of energy" ;)