June 9, 2013

Star Of Jupiter - Intro Lick

Here's a line from 'Star Of Jupiter' recorded at Regatta Bar Boston, as recent as 3/6-2013 with a transcription by Jim Needham. Jim writes:

Here's a transcription of the lick starting around 17 seconds into this clip:

The sound quality isn't great, but the lick caught my ear. I've been thinking of the lick as side slipping pentatonic phrases. The phrases have slight variations or the point in the lick where the change occurs varies. It gives the whole thing a more interesting sound than just planning a repeated phrase chromatically.

The same motif that's used at the end of the lick is used in the earlier part of the lick starting around 16th fret. It's pretty difficult to hear what's going on in that section because there's clipping in the recording.

There's a core phrase which is side slipped chromatically, but the sideslip is done in one of two different places.


This makes the whole thing sound a bit less predictable than just side slipping at the same point in the phrase. The motif file shows an example of each way of side slipping the lick. The phrase is then used in the fast runs starting in measures 5 and 9.

There's lots of good stuff in the intro (as usual), but the arpeggio at the end of the intro, at about 1m30s, sounds cool, and falls easily under the fingers for guitar. It's a B7b5 arp played over a G bass to give a G9. I think it's played so that it alternates one and two notes per string. For picking aficionados, I think Kurt hammers on the second note where there's two notes on the string, and alternate picks the first note on each string rather than sweeping.

e |----------------------13h17p13-------------------------|
B |-------------------15----------15----------------------|
G |-------------14h16----------------16p14----------------|
D |----------15----------------------------15-------------|
A |----14h17----------------------------------17p14-------|
E |-15----------------------------------------------15-13-|

I realise this stuff is a bit sketchy, it's just some notes I made while transcribing the lick.

Thanks to Jim for sharing this!

- Download 'Star Of Jupiter Intro Motif' as .PDF
- Download 'Star Of Jupiter Intro' as .PDF


  1. Yay!!!! Something just told me there would be new goodies today!!!!

  2. Seems like he's changed the neck pickup again.