March 14, 2013

More body... more soul... more pentatonics

Bryan Campbell just sendt me this transcription from 'Body and soul' also from the Gdansk clinic.
This is not the first time, I've mentioned this tune on this site. Click here to view the other posts referring to 'Body and soul'. This transcription starts around 14:37

And while we're talking about the Gdansk clinic, Rafalmazurkazik has recently uploaded yet another video from the clinic with Kurt playing pentationcs.

If you want to know more about Kurts use of pentatonics, check out the post "Pentatonics" from October 2012.


  1. hi,i want to ask you about Kurt said in 12:00, he said when you have
    b flat 7 then you can use e 7.i don't really understand what is that means.can you tell me why?thank you