December 22, 2012

"Little dreamer"

Here's another one from Rob Wolfe who earlier send me a transcription of "Portuguese". This time Rob  sendt me a chart for the tune "Little Dreamer". He writes:

...It's really just a sketch written with the assumption that the person reading it has heard the tune. I didn't write down the melody because it's so simple that it can be remembered by listening to the song a few times. 
The 2nd chord in the B section is Ab major7 with no 5th... If you want tensions, the best chord scale in my opinion is Lydian #5 #9.
It was transcribed from the NPR Village Vanguard recording from January 7, 2009. Below you'll find a link so you can stream that set and hear the tune. It's the second song in the set and starts around 17:00 minutes in:

There aren't really any publicly available recordings of this tune besides a version on Youtube with the Polish female jazz singer Grażyna Auguścik.

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