November 14, 2012

1+7, 5+3 Exercise

Here is a great exercise Philippe Canovas learned at a Kurt Rosenwinkel masterclass in Italy. Here Kurt demonstrated this exercise over “Body and soul”, but unfortunately there’s no recording or transcription from this masterclass.

Masterclass Oberlin College
Masterclass with Kurt at Oberlin College
The exercise consists of playing a four-note chord (1, 3, 5 and 7) using the two intervals of 1+7 and 5+3. Philippe Canovas has created a catalog of these intervals for all chord types and some examples for easy chord progressions.

This lesson falls perfectly in line with what I’ve heard Kurt talk about a million times on the subject of “getting familiar with your fretboard”.

- Download chord catalog as .PDF

- Download examples as .PDF


  1. This looks to me like Kurt was influenced by Jimmy Wyble as well as VanEps?

  2. :) Best Regards