October 17, 2012

"When Sunny gets blue" transcription

I simply love this tune! As I was listing to the YouTube clip below, I noticed something strange, unexpected and beautiful. It always starts like this for me when I transcribe anything - just a bar or two I want to transcribe to reveal his magic. I ended up with a little more than that, but there's still a few bars left.

There's a few spots I would like to highlight:
  • 0:10 - This is a very common line for Kurt. Often played in thirds up or down the scale. Here it resolves nicely into Dm. You can hear something simillar at the end of the solo.
  • 0:25 - This one actually starts at 0:18, but the Dm "comp" at 0:25 and the way the line moves downward is what captivates me - beautiful!
  • 0:30 Again very common on a dominant chord like that.
  • 0:41 Look's like Eb lydian b7 (Bb melodic minor). The line sounds surprisingly natural considering the quite large jump at the end, to resolve it to F major.
  • 0:50 To me - that's Kurt's signatur lick!

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