October 24, 2012

"Reflections" transcription

I need your help again! I've been transcribing the intro for two live versions of "Reflections". This first one is from a Kurt Rosenwinkel Trio concert in Rotterdam on September 27th, 2008. I stumbled upon the recording in a forum thread only to discover that this was the only download link still working.
What is of interest to me here, is the lovely open sound this intro has. There's lot's of space and the chords are very pure. It's so hard to put words on music like this, so just take a listen instead.

- Download as .MP3

- Download as .PDF

It really hard to add chord symbols to this transcription because some chords are inversions, substitutions or passing chords. There's still a few blanks where you can fill in the spaces and please let me know if you see any of the chords differently.

Transcription of Kurt Rosenwinkel's intro to Reflections

One of the most common forms for jazz standards is the 32 bar A-A-B-A format which "Reflections" also uses. What I can't figure out here is why Kurt's intro is 12 bars long. It sounds to me like he's starting the A section in bar number 5. But what about the first 4 bars? Are they just freely improvised or do they relate to the tune somehow?
Below is the leadsheet for Reflections.

Leadsheet for Reflections
Leadsheet for Reflections

I have also transcribed the intro from another recording of "Reflections". This one I found on YouTube and it's from Chris' Jazz Club Philadelphia, recorded in December 2004. Unlike the first example this one is only 8 bars.

- Download as .PDF


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    1. Have you seen this?

  2. Here is a different intro transcription that I found:


  3. jseaberry -> Thanks, yes I've seen the Jazzguitarsociety transcriptions. They are already on the transcription page.
    That Myspace link is in so poor quality that I can't read it - I've email the guy, but I haven't heard anything back.