October 21, 2012

Kurt Rosenwinkel Guitar Method Book

Kurt Rosenwinkel guitar method book
A Photoshop mockup of the book that doesn't exist!

As you might already know, I created this site because I'm on a personal quest to reveal some of the magic of Kurt Rosenwinkel, and wanted to share my findings with other enthusiasts. One way of experiencing the music of the wizard is through transcriptions. Bring your wand to the the transcription page or take a look at the two books below.

Mostly I do transcriptions to, if possible, analyse and extract the method behind, so I can transfer the concepts to my own playing rather than playing exactly what I've transcribed. So when I heard about a Rosenwinkel method book, I got all kinds of excited.
Some six years ago at a masterclass, Kurt spoke of a guitar method book he was working on. Ever since then, many guitarists, including myself, have been waiting and wanting this badly. Sadly we’re still waiting. Below is a transcription from the NGW masterclass in August 2006 where Kurt was asked about his book.

My book! Yes, I’m working on a guitar method book. I was working on it really earnest for a while, and I kind of put it down and never picked it up again.
It's a shame because I know I have to do that and it's about 70% there. It's a serious book. I really want it to add my perspective to the written material for the guitar. I like teaching. I really like teaching a lot and I find a lot of interesting things come out of that context. Over the years I've taught a lot and feel like I have a certain perspective on thing that might be helpful or useful to students.
So that's why I want to do that and I did it. It's very thorough. It's a method book in that sense, but it's not like an exhaustive kind of... every combination of this and that. It's more like filled with exercises, ideas and ways to approach things and to think about things. It's holistic, it's detailed orientated at the same time with tons of exercises. So it's going to be good I think when it comes out. I'm really looking forward to it, but I have to finish it. The last 25/30% or something is very very difficult for me to complete.
Based on what I know about Kurt, I am quite convinced that this book, when it's 100% completed, will be as important for guitarists as Mark Levine Jazz Piano book has been to many piano players.
The last "official" news I've come across was about two years ago when Kurt’s manager commented on a forum thread. He writes:
Sorry to disappoint but the method book is not going to be published anytime soon, and there's no decision yet as to who and how to release it.
Let's hope we aren't waited in vain.

! Please note that the image above is a mockup - which means it's not real.


  1. Mockup or not it could be better to use a righty Kurt instead of a lefty one ; )

  2. That's funny - I never thought of that!