September 18, 2012


The transcription page has been updated and now contains almost 30 tunes! And there's more to come. The goal is to make this website the most comprehensive resource for Kurt Rosenwinkel material from various albums, live recordings and YouTube clips.

I have chosen not to add "two voicings per chord" exercises to the transcription page, as these are taken from recordings at masterclasses and similar which I don't think belong on the page.
Below you'll find yet another transcription which doesn't belong on the transcription page.
This one is again from Philippe Canovas who send me this version of "You don't know what love is". Here Kurt accompanying a singer which is why the tune is transposed to C minor.
Sadly the recording this was transcribed from is lost, but fortunately for us Philippe has made ​​it possible to listen to score below.

- Download as .MP3

- Download as .PDF

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